April 2, 2015

Quinoa and Kale Mac&Cheese

You know when you have those days when you simply cannot be bothered to make any sort of meal at the end of the day? No mixing, no chopping, and definitely nothing that takes longer than 20 minutes! Maybe you reach for the mac&cheese box that's sitting in your cupboard? Stop right there! Here's a healthy take on the classic mac&cheese that's just as simple to make and much more nutrious!

Cook your quinoa- (with all these quinoa recipes on hand, it's worth your while to make a huge batch of quinoa on Sunday and just heat up dinner portions in the microwave during the week. That way, this recipe would take about 5 minutes!)

Cook your kale- sautee your kale in a large pan with olive oil (or red pepper flake olive oil) and parmesean cheese

Mix together! It's delicious :)

^^Happy Spring! Thanks for following along!


  1. Very rustic! Perfect with a nice piece of seared salmon for my Omega 3s!

    -Salmon Sally

    1. Great idea SS! I'll try that next time :)


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