April 7, 2015

Cooked Cabbage

Happy Tuesday! Today I'm bringing to you a simple, delicious recipe that will keep you eating cabbage all spring and summer long.  It's filling and light- just the kind of recipe I like as the warm weather starts to hit. Plus, cabbage many nutritional benefits (vitamin C, potassium).

Prep your Cabbage:
Take the outer leaves off your cabbage and discard
Rinse your cabbage
Cut into 4 quarters
Cut out the hard inner center

Cook your Cabbage:
Place your cabbage in a large pot
Fill the pot with skim milk so that the skim milk covers the cabbage halfway
Add salt, pepper, and olive oil
Simmer for 20 minutes (or until tender)

This cabbage recipe is great hot or cold, as a side dish or as a snack!

^^ See that on the left side of the cabbage? Cut that hard part out!

^^Yum! I like to load on the pepper :)

Have a great day!

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