February 19, 2013

Sea Glass

If you live near a beach it’s hard not to collect sea glass, especially when you spot the coveted blue. The problem though is finding something to do with it afterwards.  So I was so excited when I found this lamp at Llbean. It’s the perfect solution! It’s nautical, has a light in the middle to reflect my blue sea glass (I just haven’t put a bulb in yet or found all my blue…), and will hold an entire collection!


February 18, 2013

English Cocker Spaniel

Our breeder's friend just had a litter of English Cocker Spaniels. How adorable!

February 12, 2013


Here's on of my favorite quinoa salads!

Red quinoa
Toasted almond slices
Dried blueberries
Red onion
Baby arugula
Lemon zest/juice
Olive oil