March 30, 2015

Red Pepper Flake Olive Oil

One of my favorite restaurants in DC is Ghibellina, which serves brick oven pizza with scissors to cut your slice.  Ghibellina has this amazing red pepper flake olive oil which tastes so good with a crunchy pizza crust. And oh my gosh do I love spicy foods! So I decided to test out making my own red pepper flake olive oil.

What you need:
16 oz olive oil dispenser ($10.99 on Amazon)
Crushed red pepper flakes
Olive Oil

Fill your olive oil dispenser 3/4 the way
Add 1/2 a container of red pepper flakes
Let the mixture sit for at least a week

Here's a few foods I think red pepper olive oil would taste awesome with:
  • Mixed with hummus on toast
  • Drizzled on avocado on toast
  • Sauteed with vegetables
  • Used to make homemade pizza!

Thanks for following along!

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  1. Just set mine up! Can't wait



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